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About Us

How is your business doing? How is that organization of yours thriving in respect to its reach to every part of the country? We know you’d like your business to be mentioned among the elite, in terms of the services you offer your clients. Your web presence is vital to the success of your business in Nigeria. Nigerians have embraced technology for a while now, although the extent of the embracement may be classified as relative.

Serious minded business individuals go online and make searches for companies that can provide them with the services they desire. Wouldn’t you like your company and the services you offer to pop up when such searches are made online? Well, your company will never be seen in such results if you don’t have a web presence, and we guess that’s your reason for being here.

Phdeveloper Solutions is a freelance web development company in Nigeria. We are a software solutions provider yearning to transform your lucrative brainchild and business ideas into efficient working software solutions. We are very much adept in modern web and software development techniques in conformance to world-class industry standards.

We believe in the “whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well” mantra. So we strive very hard to ensure we meet up to the specified requirements demanded by our prospective and potential clients of which you are one. It’s the major reason why we are the ultimate software development company in Port Harcourt

Our passion which ensures that your businesses and corporations make giant strides, in their niche related areas, with the aid of our IT services knows no bounds. With our skills in research, trust us to provide the suitable and most efficient solutions to meet your business needs.

With regards to ensuring you have a significant web presence, our skills, and techniques of operation which makes us one of the best SEO experts in Nigeria and the optimum SEO Company in Port Harcourt will suffice.

Phdeveloper Solutions guarantees you affordable and elegant website design, as we are one of the best web design companies in Nigeria. We parade the best website designers in Port Harcourt.

We ensure that the scalable web applications we build for our clients must stand the test of time and give them the desired utility from the service rendered. We offer our clients multiple and reliable services in web development, database design, SEO optimized copywriting and other techy stuff at their demand.

The possibility of a successful relationship between us is utmost and guaranteed as we never stop learning. Our aim is to never say NO to your demands, whilst meeting your business needs and ensuring you derive the utility you desire from patronizing our services. Pick up your phone and call us now for the optimum IT service delivery.

Why You'll Choose Us!

Database Design

We design custom, functional and properly normalized database systems to suit your needs and enhance the productivity of your various businesses

Web Design/Development

Hire us for your optimized and responsive websites and applications. Our backend skills are efficient and yearning to be thorougly tested by your requirements

Mobile App Development

We profer solutions to suit your mobile app needs. Both hybrid and native mobile app development are within our skillset

Desktop Database Apps

If you desire offline non web based database app solutions for computing information. We'll provide you with efficient and robust applications


Do you constantly yearn for eye catching and attractive sales copies for your adverts? Try us and become one of our testimonials

Web Content Development

We offer dynamic and unique details for your specialized content development needs. We strive to provide quality content. We eschew plagiarism and embrace thorough and quality research instead

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